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Screening Schedule 2016


Winners 2016


Will be announced during the Awards Ceremony

International Award of Outstanding Excellence Winners:

A Quest for Meaning (France)
directed by Nathanaël Coste and Marc de la Ménardičre
Documentary Feature

Akong A Remarkable Life (United Kingdom)
directed by Chico Dall'Inha
Documentary Feature

Three the Movie (United States)
directed by Yassine Marco Marroccu, Elisabetta Minen
Newcomer, Sound, Music

WishMakers (United States)
directed by Cheryl Halpern
Medal of Tolerance

International Award of Excellence Winners:

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Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community (United States), directed by Alan O'Hashi - Documentary Short

Canción de Iguaque (Iguaque Song) (Colombia), directed by Juan Manuel  Benavides Fajardo - International Feature Film

Here and There (Vengo Volviendo) (Ecuador), directed by Gabriel Paéz - International Feature Film

HYLS - From Frisian to Ariya (Netherlands), directed by Halbe Piter Claus - Documentary Short

Mohamed, Le Prenom (France), directed by Zairi Malika - International Short Film

Ramallah Music School (USA), written by Jacqueline Guzda - Humanitarian Award

Social Diary of a Spirit Medium (Singapore), directed by Chan Chow Wah - Director

Sottoterra (Italy), directed by Federico Olivetti - International Short Film

Stay (Republic of Korea), directed by Sangwook Ahn - Director

The Avadhut (Canada), directed by Jonathan Dubsky, Zottomerk & Nataraaj, Fenulla Jiwani, Caleb Olivieri - International Short Film

The Living Forest (Sweden), directed by Alex Afshar - International Short Film

The Queen (Belgium), directed by Hugo Teugels - International Short Film

Three The Movie (Italy), directed by Yassine Marco Marroccu, Elisabetta Minen - International Feature Film, Producer, Director (Elisabetta Minen)

Your Health: A Sacred Matter, directed by Gerald Krell - Documentary Feature

WishMakers (United States), directed by Cheryl Halpern - Documentary Short

International Award of Merit Winners:

Blood is Thicker than Water, directed by Cristian Leighton - Documentary Feature

Heavenly Journeys - Insights into Alevi Ritual Dance (Germany), directed by Marcel Klapp - Documentary Short

I'll Walk With God (United Kingdom) directed by Ian Woodward -International Short Film

Nobody Home (Israel), directed by Michal Bentovim - Documentary Feature

Rock Haven (Spain), directed by Luis Sebastián  Castro Garrote - International Short Film

Social Diary of a Spirit Medium (Singapore), directed by Chan Chow Wah - Documentary Short

Stay (South Korea), directed by Sangwook Ahn - International Short Film

Take Their Love (United Kingdom), directed by Emma Goude - Documentary Short

Youth Group (United States), directed by Wanwan Lu - International Feature Film

Note: This Winners List is subject to change