Vision and Mission


The International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion, and Vision (IFFSRV) was established by some individuals who care about human living in peace towards themselves, forming strong and healthy alliances with others in harmony, and having good communication with their Creator despite of their sex, religion, race, and economic status.

The International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion, and Vision will act as a mean to sustain and promote the continuity of creativity and artworks produced and carved by filmmakers all over the world in following their dreams and pure calling to make betterment for humanity, as well as to participate in the film industry; to make a better live for each individual despite their differences in belief system.

IFFSRV festival day will be held at the end of November to celebrate the tolerance world day (16 November).

Through this festival, we hope to:
1. Give comfort and consolidation for the people in despair that he or she is never alone and  that life is full of hope.
2. Encourage people when facing difficulties because of what they belief.
3. Inspire and enlighten people to find the purpose of their life regardless their belief, economic or cultural background.
4. Help people to have better acceptance towards themselves and enhance self-esteem because each individual are loved by God and they are special and unique in Godís eyes.
5. Inspire people to follow their dream and not easy to give up.
6. Encourage people to follow his and her own mission and path in life.
7. Inspire young generation to have broader mindset and perspective, to think beyond the box, and to be able to accept differences among religions and belief system.
8. Inspire young people to have vision and goal in life and work hard to achieve them.

The International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion, and Vision opens its submissions from filmmakers all over the world. We accept features and documentaries (newcomers are welcomed). The films will be pre-selected before presented to a judge panel.

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