Vision and Mission


The International Film Festival for Environment, Health, and Culture was established by some individuals who concerns for betterment of humanity, as a means of supporting and promoting filmmakers all over the world, and by uplifting the film industry, we hope to participate in a cleaner and better environment, raising the quality of life, and intercultural dialogues for better acceptance and deeper understanding of people and diversity in life.

Our main mission is to promote films pertaining to environment, health, and culture issues, each with their unique methods of storytelling. Through this festival, we hope to:

1. Raise awareness about the urgency to save the Earth.
2. Make our environment have a better atmosphere to live.
3. Provide information and uplift awareness worldwide about severe, acute, chronic, or rare
4. Increase life span through better knowledge, self-respecting, and acceptance.
5. Encourage people with decreasing health who are struggling with pain and depression.
6. Promote intercultural dialogue to make a better acceptance through diversity amongst
    various cultures.
7. Fight the behavior of stereotyping and patronizing others.
8. Participate in the global community events celebrating the World Health Day (7 April),
    World Lupus Day (10 May), World Cultural Day (21 May), and World Environment
    Day (5 June).

International Film Festival for Environment, Health, and Culture open its submissions from filmmakers all over the world. We accept features and documentaries (newcomers are welcomed). The films will be pre-selected before presented to a judge panel.

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