Mission and Objectives


The International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration, and Equality (IFFPIE) was established to celebrate the World Peace Day (September 21) and to participate in making a more peaceful and better world, raise the quality of life, and maintain intercultural relationship for better acceptance and deeper understanding of people and diversity in life. Our main mission is to promote films about peace, inspiration and equality issues, carrying strong methods of storytelling, produced with excellent technique and crafted with passion and love for humanity.

IIFFPIE is one of the members of a consortium festivals group internationalfilmfestivals.org which aim is to help promote the goals of the United Nations in celebrating international days of peace, women, anti-discrimination, tolerance, youth, family, humanitarian, human rights, health, environment, disability, etc.

We receive submissions from all over the world. The festival accepts feature and short film, documentary (any length), screenplay, music video, and we welcome ambitious newcomers to star their excellent films. The festival appreciates all the hard work every department contributes to making a film. With the all-in-one package, juries of the festival will value various performances such as directing, cinematography, editing, performance, story, acting, sound, production design, costume design, music, etc. The festival would give separate awards if they got selected.

Following the big success of our last year's events and outstanding acclaim from Indonesian audience regarding international film festivals about peace, inspiration, and equality, and to celebrate the United Nation International Day of Peace on September 2017, with the bright hope we are welcoming filmmakers into our seventh-year festival.

Our prominent past winner include the Indonesian President, former USA President, Pope, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Hollywood stars, Academy Award Winners, and many more.

We conduct a press conference, awards ceremony, workshop, and dozens of films are screened. Working together with the largest Indonesian cinema network, several private foundations and international culture centers, and having good connection with influential members of high-ranking society, the festival has managed to conduct yearly outstanding awards ceremony attended by kings, sultans, queen, ministers, senators, parliament members, notable guests, artists, and leading newspapers.

The film submitted are carefully previewed and judged fairly by our experts.

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