Welcome to Sumatra, the Island of Gold. It is the sixth biggest island in the world, with sprawling volcanic mountains, making it one of the Rings of Fire islands.

This old island has a developed culture and civilization since the prehistoric era, including the spreading area of megalith and bronze Culture, proofed by the founding of bronze drums and statues of ancestors of the megalithic era.

Sumatera International Film Festival, built under the branch of old and established international film festival group, meant to preserve the culture of the island by continuing spreading the goodwill of modern technology through filmmaking. We hope to enhance the art of filmmaking to maintain the modern art by emphasizing of the good old values our ancestors bring.

We are searching for inspirational films & educational and informative documentaries, carrying any theme (except for nudity, vulgarity, and other films with prejudice, discrimination, and hatred message).

We are also searching for spiritual and ghost theme, especially ones related to old times, tradition, and heroic stories.

By establishing the Festival, we hope to familiarize Sumatra culture and history to a global world and exchanging modern skills and beauties filmmaking brings.

SIFF welcomes all filmmakers, newcomers, students, history lovers, and sculptures, painters, and artists to shine their masterpiece in our festival.


Awards Ceremony will be held in Lampung, in one of the Nusantara kingdoms in Sumatera island. Winning filmmakers will be entertained and fulfilled with its traditional charm and warm greetings and pleasantries.

Kings and queens from Nusantara are invited. The Festival will also hold filmmaking workshop and selected screenings.

Winning filmmakers would also be thrilled with the various traditional dances and art journeys while exchanging experience with other winning filmmakers in this hilly upland plains that send a breezy weather all-year long.


CONTACT US: sumateraiff@gmail.com