Vision and Mission


Welcome to Cirebon, a place with famous for its kingdoms and kind-hearted people. Cirebon itself is known as Grage in the Cirebon dialect of Javanese language, which came from the words "Negara Gede", meaning "Great Kingdom." As a port city, Cirebon attracts visitors and settlers from elsewhere in Indonesia and from other nations as well. The city's West and Central Java border location have seen its history influenced by both Sundanese and Javanese culture as well as Arab and Chinese

The Cirebon  International Film Festival wishes to make the island and the culture famous internationally to honor the profound art the island has and the bravery of the Indonesian ancestors. We want to communicate the art of filmmaking and the modern film industry with the past, to honor the uniqueness of our culture and tradition and the good value systems that have been firmly held by our heroes and ancestors.

Cirebon International Film Festival invites all filmmakers, newcomers, film enthusiast, and students to shine their masterpiece in our Festival and make their voice heard through the work of art.


Awards Ceremony will be held and hosted in Cirebon, West Java, in cooperation with the government of Cirebon and the Royal Palace in Cirebon. Many kings and queens from Nusantara will be invited. The festival will also be featuring screenings, film-making workshops, and a special meet-and-greet with the king. Winning filmmakers will also be introduced to the Cirebon custom and tradition.